Johannes Geiss Fellowship 2020

The International Space Science Institute ISSI is proud to announce

Prof. Weiqing Han, University of Colorado at Boulder, USA


Prof. Sabine Schindler, University of Innsbruck, Austria

as the 2020 Johannes Geiss Fellows.

Prof. Weiqing Han is a world-renowned oceanographer who specializes in Global Sea Level Change, in particular, in coastal regions.

Prof. Sabine Schindler is a highly recognized astrophysicist who specializes in the observation and modeling of galaxies and galaxy clusters. She has been the vice-rector for research of the University of Innsbruck and rector of the University UMIT Hall.

The Fellowship is named after Prof. Johannes Geiss, the founder of the institute.

ISSI had received more than ten excellent proposals from top level scientists from which the selection committee chose the sixth and seventh JGF recipient after thorough evaluation. The selection committee consisted of the Directors and the Chair of the ISSI Science Committee.

ISSI is honored by the high interest from the science community in the Johannes Geiss Fellowship and would like to deeply thank all applicants.