Antonella Nota appointed as the next ISSI Executive Director from January 1, 2023

Following a decision taken by the ISSI Board of Trustees during its meeting on 20 May, 2022, Dr. Antonella Nota will be the next ISSI Executive Director, starting on 1 January, 2023.

Until last May, Antonella Nota was the Head of the European Space Agency (ESA) Office at STScI, in Baltimore, USA. Over the years, she has been, among other responsibilities, ESA HST Project Scientist; Mission Manager, ESA HST Project Scientist; JWST Project Scientist, Head of the Science Division at STScI, and Associate STScI Director for ESA.

Her research interests are related to the fields of massive stars and young stellar clusters.  

A full press release will be published by ISSI near the end of 2022.

The ISSI Board of Trustees