“Water and Energy Cycle from Satellites: From Global to Storms Scales” with Rémy Roca (CNRS, France)

After introducing the atmospheric water related climate feedback, it is showcased how the current satellite observing systems, together with the water and energy conservation laws can provide a robust observational constraint on the underlying physics at play in the atmosphere. Furthermore, the speaker details two main examples. First, it shows how the various energy fluxes come into balance at the global planetary scale. Then the speaker focuses on the process level and show how we can reveal the internal dynamics of storms using the water and energy budget estimated from various satellite-born instruments in synergy. Finally, it is highlighted new recently selected missions that are to be launched in the coming decade.

Rémy Roca (Dr.) is director of research at the French National Center for Scientific Research (CNRS) and is located with LEGOS, in Toulouse. He is the PI of the Megha-Tropiques mission since 2007 and is involved in various earth observations space mission related to the water and energy cycle of the planet. Dr. Roca published over 130 contributions including 75 papers in well-known journals. He led the writing of general audience books on climate change and satellites observations. He is strongly involved in the CGMS and WCRP overarching bodies where he is/was chairing different panels related to the water and energy cycle.

Webinar was recorded on June 9, 2022