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19. September 2023

Science for a Better World

We have previously expressed ISSI’s concern about the invasion of Ukraine and the resulting humanitarian crisis. The need to maintain science as a platform for dialogue even in times of conflict has become more prominent. As this war continues and other tensions rise around the world, it seems more important than ever to maintain institutions where such peaceful and constructive dialogue can take place. Science is a universal language that knows no geographical or political boundaries, nor boundaries related to race, gender or sexual orientation.

ISSI provides an open and neutral environment where such open and free discussions about Space and Earth Science, and related fields can take place. Dialogue between scientists promotes not only better science, but also a better mutual understanding among people of different origins and cultures. At ISSI we like to think of this as our own small contribution to a better world.

The Team at ISSI and Willy Benz, chair of the Board of Trustees

10. March 2022

A Plea for Peace

ISSI expresses its deep dismay and concern regarding the invasion of Ukraine by Russia and the resulting grave humanitarian crisis.

ISSI reaffirms its long-standing position that science is a platform for dialogue even in times of profound geopolitical conflict, and therefore a resource on which to capitalize to restore and preserve peace.

ISSI states that our capacity to work collaboratively on global challenges such as climate change and space research is only equal to our capacity to maintain strong collaboration amidst geopolitical turmoil. The isolation and exclusion of important scientific communities is detrimental to all.

ISSI pledges to advance equal participation and collaboration between scientists from all countries in its activities and to adhere to its principle that all of its activities are conducted with the highest ethical standards.

Georges Meylan
President of ISSI Board of Trustees (2015-2023)
for the ISSI BoT, ISSI Directorate, and ISSI Staff

A Spiral Amongst Thousands
Credits ESA/Webb, NASA & CSA, A. Martel