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Our scientific opportunities support the community through six distinct modes of operation. Links to proposal templates or on-line submission forms are provided for each individual tool.

Find explanations, forms of applications and an overview of current and past activities.

Game Changers Webinar

26. April 2024

Geophysics of Exoplanets: How Studies of Earth can Inform the Search for Life in the Universe

Online Seminar with Tilman Spohn (DLR, Berlin, Germany)

ISSI’s Game Changers online seminar series was launched during the first Covid-19-related lockdown in summer 2020 to help keep the community together. Up until this 100th webinar, the series has covered a wide range of topics, from climate change on Earth to life in the universe and the Big Bang.

1. March 2024

The Population of Infant Black Holes in the Early Universe Revealed by JWST

Online Seminar with Roberto Maiolino (Cambridge University, UK)

The James Webb Space Telescope is revolutionising most areas of astrophysics. One of the most exciting and puzzling findings has been the discovery of a large population of massive black holes within the first billion years after the Big Bang.

A Spiral Amongst Thousands
Credits ESA/Webb, NASA & CSA, A. Martel